WOW! Been that long.
I guess I have a problem keeping up with a blog. I can't seem to do it with any regularity, I get easily distracted. My friend Rob Kelly, don't know how the man does it, but he has multiple blogs and posts to them just about every day (I know because I read most of them). I will have to ask him his secret.

In my defense I have been quite busy with trying to keep school rounded up, and taking care of projects in the home studio. Plus dealing with various hobbies and my children (who, if you have any yourself; are a handful.) I am also trying to get a second job to keep up with the bills (Thanks obama, for NOTHING!) Having a ton of medical bills (the hazards of being disabled) is not an easy thing to deal with (or pay down) but I am working on it.

Expenses this year are astronomical because of all the inflation. Hard to keep up with fresh supplies, but where theres a will as they say.

My one fun joy, making new sets of computer Icons has been going pretty good, and I keep better track of them as well. I try topost them at the images2icons FB page found here:

As well as the images2icons Pinterest page (where I keep guides to all the icons) here:

Check them out. And if you need any of the icons write me with your preference PC or MAC (They default as PC) the set name and email that to I will get back to you pretty quick.


Sorry it's been awhile.
Heya All!

I deeply apologize for slacking here, but I have been so severely deep in home work. I am coming to the end of my first term already wow! At the risk of sounding cliche' "Time Flies!" As you may or may not know, in college; they make you write lol! Never a problem really as I love to write.

My college writing class has been a lot of fun, I even used some of the information from here for one of my essays, they say write what you love. I will be working on some new icons this week; Transformers and Mighty Muggs as a friend on facebook (Mike Blanchard) is a big fan and even runs a podcast on the subjects. You can find his podcast here : have fun! Until next time.... Hasta la bye bye!

2009 Add on set for Santa Icons

Heya All!
Here is the icon guide for the 2009 add set of Santa Icons. Each year I add a few, and this year is no exception. I try to make them different and more exciting. I hope you like them. The Web site is proving to be more of a pain than I originally planned but the work goes forward. You can still request these Icons through email to (please specify if you need MAC versions.)

With the advent of my recent health issues (once again), alot of work has been put on hold. I also have the upcoming burden & pleasure of going back to school. I am now officially a student of Westwood College On-line, working towards my BA in Visual Communications. Thirteen months after that my MA. HOOYAH! I figured I should make myself "Official" since I am trying to push the studio more & more, and an AA just does not cut it these days.

All this fun makes it even a busier Holiday season for me. As some of you already know I also play Santa Claus for needy children & families this time of year. So my Cookie plate is full, and I find myself looking for milk! HO HO HO! If anyone has any comments please post them. I am also looking for suggestions for the next set of Icons I should produce. (In between my real work.) lol!

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes to all of you!

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Heya all!
Whew! I was up late last night working on beating my deadline. But at about 3:45am I finished the Pulp Hero Gift tags. Part II of my try-out project for the Freelance graphic designer position with a local publisher.

I posted the DC tags here last week. So it's only fair that I post the Pulp ones as well. I have one more set to do. The Marvel gift tags, which I should have finished easily today.

I like this project it has made me think alot. I wanted to keep aconsistency throughout the project so you could see that all the components go together, BUT! at the same time I wanted each to have its own personality.

I discovered something while doing this set. While looking at it you will see two versions of the tag that features "the Shadow", this was because after I put a Santa hat on him, he didn't look quite right (Something I did not come across with the others.) And in an effort not to upset die hard Shadow fans I put both versions in the set. :-)

Well here is the set, hope you like them, be sure to leave a comment. Also I have taken a liking to making tags, so if you have toher characters you would like to see tags for please feel free to suggest them.

This project was a try-out and these items will not be published as I stated in the last blog. But if some clever person wants a set to use for himself, and not to sell; well I don't see how I cna stop you from right clicking it and hitting save as. LOL!

James Bama in Fine Scale Modeler
Heya All!

I was going through a stack of my old magazines the other day, specifically "Fine Scale Modeler", which I collected for the wonderful modeling tips it provides. I do alot of work in 15 & 25mm miniatures (some of which can be seen in the albums sections of images2icons Facebook page found here: But I digress! Anyways paging through the slightly dusty magazines I found an interesting article in the January 2000 issue on Aurora box art.

As many of you know James Bama, a very talented artist who is responsible for all my most favorite Doc Savage novel covers, among other things was mentioned.

Bama who is most known for his depiction of the Man of Bronze, such as the picture below.

Bama was also responsible for some very memorable model box covers, the article also mentions various well known artists who created for Aurora some not so and some very familiar such as James Cox (who specialized in of all things the all important instruction sheets), Jo Kotula (one of the best aviation artists in America), John Steel, Jack Leynnwood (Who learned to fly planes as well as paint them at the tender age of 14), Mort Kunstler (Who built each model before he designed the box art for them), Harry Schaare (another pilot turned artist who helped modernize Aurora's boxes), Dave Cockrum (A very well know comic book artist most known for his run on Superboy), John Amendola (An artist who had previously worked for Boeing Aircraft depicting its planes), and artist Roy Grinnell. But of all of these Bama's works stick out to me the most.

As seen here Bama's realism took the customer's expectations of what was in the box, to a new high, and helped modelers get in the "mood" for the models they were about to build.

The articles write up on Bama mentions his evolution from Fantasy artist to one of America's leading painters of western characters, but as you can see, he has been know to mix them up a little, Ha!

Here is in all its scanned glory, the write up on James Bama from the magazine.

You just have to love Bama's attention to detail and characterization, here are a few more examples:

Anyone drooling yet? I know I am! And as much as one can love his style, his "zest for the west", When I hear Bama's name what pops into my head first will always be.....

Who's with me??

You all have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


Newest Project ~ Comic Book Christmas Gift Tags
Heya all!
Just a quick note to let you know whats up! I have been offered a postion (freelance of course, no bennies) as a graphic artist with a local publishing company (hee hee! I won't promote them til I get the spot!)

For my "Try Out" they have asked me to create some creative Christmas Gift tags. They told me I could use any subject so I chose Comic book characters, I was going to do Disney but I believe those have been done to death!

I am doing 3 sets DC (Consisting of Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash.) The Guide for those is here now (see below). The next set will be Marvel (Consisting of Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Ms Marvel, and Dr. Strange). The third set will be Pulp characters (Consisting of Doc Savage, the Shadow, Flash Gordon, the Phantom, and Conan) LOL! Conan should be good!

I will add the guides as I complete them so I can share them with you all. NOW! these are merely tryouts, they will not be officially published (unless one of you wants to pay my legal fees for all the lawsuits? ....didn't think so!) BUT! if some clever person grabbed the images and printed them off on card stock to actually use for gift tagging, well.....MERRY CHRISTMAS! LOL!

DC Comics gift tag guide

You can find a direct link to the image at the images2icons Facebook page here:

Have a Great day & God Bless!

Christopher Chance

Our Blog Grand Restart!
Welcome to this restart of our blog. Unfortunately we had some hackers attempting to infiltrate our last blog, so I felt the need to restart with a safer environment for you our readers and customers.

Well lets get started then! This has been in interesting week; for me personally, because I located an old pen pal from about 30 years ago, Ms Laurie Sutton a former editor at DC comics. One of the reasons I got into art in the first place. Gotta love DC comics. Those of you on FaceBook try out my "DC comics cover lovers" applicaton it lets you send famous comic covers to your friends. For my Pulp friends try my "Doc Savage Cover lovers" app as well.

Also this week, my bi-weekly column on Pirates, "Pirates 101A" has a new subscriber: you can also find my column at these fine Pirate sites:

This week I am going to highlight the newest edition to our ICON guides (these are picture guides of our available specialty computer icons.) I have been a long time comic book collector, but in the last 15 years or so I have also collected Pulp magazines, primarily Doc Savage, but I have various others as well. So I thought I should start a series of icons based on Doc Savage, and I will continue to add to this guide with other pulp characters forth coming (i.e. the Phantom, Flash Gordon, the Spider,) for more information on Pulps check out my friend Ron Fortier's site at a great place to learn about pulps. Here are the guides to Doc Savage:

NOTE** We are still working all the bugs out of the website, which I hope to have running full speed by January, keep checking here at our Facebook page for updates: Please feel free to leave comments on the icons. All of the guides for our FREE icons (limit 4 different sets) are available for your perusal at the FaceBook page in the albums section.

Until the site is completed you can still get any of our icons by writing, we will email them to you zipped, please be sure to tell us if you need MAC icons, they default as Windows.

You can also check out our online store here: The locker contains items with our logo, and various other art we have created. Take a look! We can add your artwork to any of the merchandise located in the store.


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