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Heya all!
Whew! I was up late last night working on beating my deadline. But at about 3:45am I finished the Pulp Hero Gift tags. Part II of my try-out project for the Freelance graphic designer position with a local publisher.

I posted the DC tags here last week. So it's only fair that I post the Pulp ones as well. I have one more set to do. The Marvel gift tags, which I should have finished easily today.

I like this project it has made me think alot. I wanted to keep aconsistency throughout the project so you could see that all the components go together, BUT! at the same time I wanted each to have its own personality.

I discovered something while doing this set. While looking at it you will see two versions of the tag that features "the Shadow", this was because after I put a Santa hat on him, he didn't look quite right (Something I did not come across with the others.) And in an effort not to upset die hard Shadow fans I put both versions in the set. :-)

Well here is the set, hope you like them, be sure to leave a comment. Also I have taken a liking to making tags, so if you have toher characters you would like to see tags for please feel free to suggest them.

This project was a try-out and these items will not be published as I stated in the last blog. But if some clever person wants a set to use for himself, and not to sell; well I don't see how I cna stop you from right clicking it and hitting save as. LOL!


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