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2009 Add on set for Santa Icons

Heya All!
Here is the icon guide for the 2009 add set of Santa Icons. Each year I add a few, and this year is no exception. I try to make them different and more exciting. I hope you like them. The Web site is proving to be more of a pain than I originally planned but the work goes forward. You can still request these Icons through email to (please specify if you need MAC versions.)

With the advent of my recent health issues (once again), alot of work has been put on hold. I also have the upcoming burden & pleasure of going back to school. I am now officially a student of Westwood College On-line, working towards my BA in Visual Communications. Thirteen months after that my MA. HOOYAH! I figured I should make myself "Official" since I am trying to push the studio more & more, and an AA just does not cut it these days.

All this fun makes it even a busier Holiday season for me. As some of you already know I also play Santa Claus for needy children & families this time of year. So my Cookie plate is full, and I find myself looking for milk! HO HO HO! If anyone has any comments please post them. I am also looking for suggestions for the next set of Icons I should produce. (In between my real work.) lol!

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes to all of you!


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