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Our Blog Grand Restart!
Welcome to this restart of our blog. Unfortunately we had some hackers attempting to infiltrate our last blog, so I felt the need to restart with a safer environment for you our readers and customers.

Well lets get started then! This has been in interesting week; for me personally, because I located an old pen pal from about 30 years ago, Ms Laurie Sutton a former editor at DC comics. One of the reasons I got into art in the first place. Gotta love DC comics. Those of you on FaceBook try out my "DC comics cover lovers" applicaton it lets you send famous comic covers to your friends. For my Pulp friends try my "Doc Savage Cover lovers" app as well.

Also this week, my bi-weekly column on Pirates, "Pirates 101A" has a new subscriber: you can also find my column at these fine Pirate sites:

This week I am going to highlight the newest edition to our ICON guides (these are picture guides of our available specialty computer icons.) I have been a long time comic book collector, but in the last 15 years or so I have also collected Pulp magazines, primarily Doc Savage, but I have various others as well. So I thought I should start a series of icons based on Doc Savage, and I will continue to add to this guide with other pulp characters forth coming (i.e. the Phantom, Flash Gordon, the Spider,) for more information on Pulps check out my friend Ron Fortier's site at a great place to learn about pulps. Here are the guides to Doc Savage:

NOTE** We are still working all the bugs out of the website, which I hope to have running full speed by January, keep checking here at our Facebook page for updates: Please feel free to leave comments on the icons. All of the guides for our FREE icons (limit 4 different sets) are available for your perusal at the FaceBook page in the albums section.

Until the site is completed you can still get any of our icons by writing, we will email them to you zipped, please be sure to tell us if you need MAC icons, they default as Windows.

You can also check out our online store here: The locker contains items with our logo, and various other art we have created. Take a look! We can add your artwork to any of the merchandise located in the store.


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