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James Bama in Fine Scale Modeler
Heya All!

I was going through a stack of my old magazines the other day, specifically "Fine Scale Modeler", which I collected for the wonderful modeling tips it provides. I do alot of work in 15 & 25mm miniatures (some of which can be seen in the albums sections of images2icons Facebook page found here: But I digress! Anyways paging through the slightly dusty magazines I found an interesting article in the January 2000 issue on Aurora box art.

As many of you know James Bama, a very talented artist who is responsible for all my most favorite Doc Savage novel covers, among other things was mentioned.

Bama who is most known for his depiction of the Man of Bronze, such as the picture below.

Bama was also responsible for some very memorable model box covers, the article also mentions various well known artists who created for Aurora some not so and some very familiar such as James Cox (who specialized in of all things the all important instruction sheets), Jo Kotula (one of the best aviation artists in America), John Steel, Jack Leynnwood (Who learned to fly planes as well as paint them at the tender age of 14), Mort Kunstler (Who built each model before he designed the box art for them), Harry Schaare (another pilot turned artist who helped modernize Aurora's boxes), Dave Cockrum (A very well know comic book artist most known for his run on Superboy), John Amendola (An artist who had previously worked for Boeing Aircraft depicting its planes), and artist Roy Grinnell. But of all of these Bama's works stick out to me the most.

As seen here Bama's realism took the customer's expectations of what was in the box, to a new high, and helped modelers get in the "mood" for the models they were about to build.

The articles write up on Bama mentions his evolution from Fantasy artist to one of America's leading painters of western characters, but as you can see, he has been know to mix them up a little, Ha!

Here is in all its scanned glory, the write up on James Bama from the magazine.

You just have to love Bama's attention to detail and characterization, here are a few more examples:

Anyone drooling yet? I know I am! And as much as one can love his style, his "zest for the west", When I hear Bama's name what pops into my head first will always be.....

Who's with me??

You all have a great week and thanks for stopping by!



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